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CURRENT PATIENTS WHO HAVE DENTAL PAIN OR SWELLING, please call our office and follow the prompt to leave a message for Dr. Nordstrom! 

The American Dental Association has recommended that ALL dental offices close until Monday May 4th for non-emergent procedures (anything not directly related to tooth pain/swelling/infection). We are monitoring the situation closely and we will open our doors as soon as it is safe for us to do so.
We feel privileged to care for you and your family and wish you a healthy and safe few weeks. See you soon!
Morgan Nordstrom, D.D.S.

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Let us make your dental care easy! Our team is professional, highly skilled, and gentle. We offer a full range of dental services and have a conservative approach to treatment. It is our pleasure to provide you with outstanding dentistry that looks great, feels comfortable, and supports your overall health.

What is gum disease?

Close up of dental treatment on gums | Dentist Vallejo CAGum disease (more formally known as periodontitis) is the destruction of the gums and bone that hold your teeth in your jaw. The primary cause of this destruction is the build-up of plaque and bacteria around the teeth and gumline. Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove plaque from below the gumline. That is why regular professional cleanings are so important to your oral health.

In its early stages and with proper treatment, gum disease can be reversible.

Other Causes of Gum Disease

Medical conditions, such as diabetes, can contribute to the severity of your gum disease. Certain medications, dry mouth, and hormonal changes all contribute to a greater risk of periodontal disease. While these conditions make periodontal disease difficult to control, with proper home care, professional dental cleanings, and regular monitoring by Dr. Nordstrom or Dr. Vizzolini, it is possible to keep it under control.

Many women develop gum disease during pregnancy. Links between periodontal disease and low birth weight babies exist, so addressing your periodontal disease is important not only for you but for the health of your newborn.

Signs of gum disease are bleeding, puffiness, and tenderness of the gums. Frequent dental exams, cleanings, and good brushing and flossing are the best things you can do to prevent this disease.

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