You can enter our practice in a number of ways. Ideally, we arrange a full evaluation and consultation with one of our experienced dentists.

Here is what you can expect when you arrive in our Vallejo, CA dental office for your first appointment.

Paperwork You Will Need at Dental Visit

Necessary paperwork – While not the most interesting part of your arrival, maintaining proper records ensures that everything goes smoothly with your treatment.Dental chair at Dr Nordstrom | Dentist Vallejo CA

  • Medical history
  • Patient forms
  • Insurance information
  • Medication list

Once you complete your initial paperwork, which you can download on our forms page, we will only need to update it going forward. If you have an oral appliance such as a nightguard, mouthguard, denture, partial, or retainer, please bring it with you. We will make sure it is free from damage, fits properly, and clean it for you.

Your First Visit to Our Office

Meet and greet – You will be introduced to our team and your dentist. We like to get to know our patients before we get started. This is a great time to discuss any concerns you have with your teeth or gums so that we can address those for you. If you want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry, we will discuss your goals and what you would like to change.

Complete evaluation – Our new patient exams establish a full picture of your oral health.

  • Examination of teeth and gums
  • Digital dental x-rays and photos
  • Soft-tissue exam (mouth, tongue, cheeks, oral cancer screening)