Family Dentistry in Vallejo CA

In today’s busy world, taking care of your smile and your dental health has never been more critical. Because your overall bodily health and your oral health share a close link, having clean and thriving teeth is a necessary part of staying disease-free and having the energy to go through life. 

If you’ve let your dental health slide in recent months or years, however, you are not alone. Thankfully, with a little help from family dentistry, you can have a happy and healthy mouth once more!

No matter what concerns you have about your teeth, we can help. Would you like to smile confidently again? Are you concerned about how your dental health affects your overall health or the health of your loved ones? Rest assured that we have been providing general dentistry for all ages for over 40 years at our Vallejo, CA dental office!

Our family dentists—Dr. Morgan Nordstrom, Dr. Emily Thai, and Dr. William C. Vizzolini—offer comprehensive dental care that meets every patient at their own unique level of dental health. 

To learn more about our dental practice, we invite you to read more on this web page or to give us a call Monday through Thursday at (707) 643-2660. We can help you reclaim your dental health and have beautiful teeth again!

General Dentistry to Support a Thriving Smile

Healthy teeth and gums begin and end with general dentistry. While certain factors, such as genetics and lifestyle habits, do play a role in the overall condition of your teeth, you will find tremendous success when you consistently and consciously choose to take care of your teeth.

Here at the dental offices of Dr. Morgan Nordstrom and Dr. William C. Vizzolini, we believe that the best way to keep smiles happy and healthy is by maintaining good habits when it comes to general dentistry. General dentistry encompasses the essential dental services needed to prevent tooth decay and keep smiles healthy, including regular teeth cleanings, dental x-rays, and fluoride rinses. 

As your family’s general dentist, we want to help you and your loved ones keep all of your natural teeth in excellent condition for your entire lives. The best way to protect teeth is to prevent problems before they ever develop, which we can help do every time you visit us and spend time in the dental chair. To help support your thriving, radiant smiles, we offer family dentistry services such as:

  • Teeth cleanings, performed by our licensed dental hygienists
  • Dental exams, performed by our Vallejo family dentists
  • Oral cancer screenings
  • Treatment for gum disease
  • Tooth-colored dental fillings
  • Children’s dentistry

The American Dental Association recommends that adults and children see their dentist at least every six months for a basic teeth cleaning and oral health checkup. If you’re prone to tooth decay or have ongoing oral health problems, you can benefit from more frequent dental visits, such as every three to four months. 

If you know it’s been at least half a year since you last saw us (or any other dentist), we encourage you to schedule a general dentistry visit by calling us at (707) 643-2660 or requesting a dental appointment online. 

Children’s Dentistry in Vallejo, CA

Here at the dental offices of Drs. Nordstrom and Vizzolini, we’re pleased to offer gentle children’s dentistry in Vallejo. Regular teeth cleanings and dental checkups for kids allow our dentists to diagnose any developmental concerns early and correct them at a young age, which is easier for your child. 

It’s seldom too early to bring your kids to the dentist! Most children should start going to the dentist around the age of one, or by the time they have their first tooth erupt. Regular dental visits also allow us to provide additional services that benefit your little one’s oral health, such as fluoride treatments or dental sealants. 

Fluoride helps strengthen and build their developing teeth, while dental sealants cover and protect healthy teeth from cavity-causing acids and bacteria. Taking your child to the dentist at an early age will ultimately save them from cavities and broader dental issues down the road. And even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth to make room for their permanent ones, it’s crucial that they keep those baby teeth healthy until they are naturally ready to fall out beginning around age six or seven. 

Teaching your child how to care for their teeth and helping them feel comfortable visiting the dentist is a priceless gift! If you’d like to schedule a visit with our gentle children’s dentists, please contact our dental office today. 

Family Dentistry for Adults and Seniors

As with many other aspects of your body, your oral health needs change throughout your life. The dental treatment you need during young adulthood will likely be different from the dental treatment you need as you reach middle age and your senior years. 

Whether you need a simple dental filling or you want to replace missing teeth, our dental team has you covered. With treatments like tooth crowns, bridges, dental implants, and full or partial dentures, you can rest assured that Drs. Nordstrom and Vizzolini will have you smiling your best smile at every age. But, remember—by taking care of your teeth today, you can avoid more serious oral health problems later in life. 

Patients who experience anxiety about their dental appointments will find options for sedation dentistry at our Vallejo dental office. With solutions like nitrous oxide and oral sedation available, there’s an option to suit every patient’s needs.

Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence

Although keeping your teeth healthy should be your #1 dental priority, it’s also normal to worry about how your smile looks and how others perceive you. 

Do you smile with confidence when you meet someone new? Or are there things about your smile that hold you back? If you’re not in love with the way your teeth look, you have the chance to make changes. 

Cosmetic dentistry in Vallejo offers solutions for yellowed or stained teeth, crooked teeth, or chipped or broken teeth. Even if your smile needs a complete makeover, Dr. Nordstrom and Dr. Vizzolini have the skills and dental training to help you achieve your goals.

Whether you want to brighten your smile by a few shades or have an entire transformation in mind, there’s a modern treatment that can help. Schedule a cosmetic dental evaluation with one of our dentists today and give yourself the gift of smiling with confidence again.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment in Vallejo

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Our dentists are currently accepting new patients and can typically make room in their schedules to see you and your family within the coming weeks. We are excited to meet you and provide you with high-quality dentistry for many years to come!