When you arrive at the dental practice of Morgan Nordstrom, DDS and William C. Vizzolini, DDS our goal is to provide you with patient care like nothing you have ever experienced. Our personalized approach to dentistry gives you the results you want and a visit you will enjoy.

We offer a number of amenities to make your time with us relaxing.

  • Various magazines
  • Headphones
  • Neck pillows

Our dental office is also wheelchair accessible for your convenience.

Emergency Dental Appointments

While a full evaluation is an ideal way to get started, life sometimes has other plans. If you have a toothache, tooth pain, or another type of dental emergency, we welcome you to get in touch right away.

Once we relieve your pain and stabilize your condition, we will invite you to become a regular patient in our practice and help you avoid dental emergencies in the future.

Searching for T he Best Vallejo Dentist?

We welcome you to get in touch to schedule your next dental appointment. One of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you and find a convenient time for you and your family.