Sedation Dentistry in Vallejo, CA

sunset on beach | Dentist Vallejo CAOver 50% of Americans do not visit the dentist regularly, and many people report avoiding their appointments due to a severe dental phobia. Dental fears could stem from a bad experience in your youth or from a particularly painful appointment. Sometimes, dental anxiety has no explanation, but it can make your appointments feel stressful. If you suffer from dental anxiety, you are not alone.

At Dr. Morgan Nordstrom and Dr. Emily Thai's dental office, we specialize in helping patients who are nervous about visiting the dentist. Our caring and compassionate team will make every effort to accommodate your needs and help you relax.

If you need a little help to get through your dental appointment, we offer sedation dentistry to reduce your feelings of stress, allowing you to get the dental treatment you need to stay healthy.

Nitrous Oxide

You may know nitrous oxide as "laughing gas." Nitrous oxide is one of the safest and easiest forms of sedation. It’s called laughing gas because it reduces anxiety and may even induce a euphoric feeling.

Nitrous oxide works quickly, and we administer it through a mask so that you breathe it in. We mix it with oxygen and we can control the amount of the sedative we give you with the turn of a valve. It leaves your body quickly, too, eliminating the need for a driver for your dental appointment.

Nitrous oxide is tasteless, odorless, and has few side effects.

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Another method of sedation we offer is oral sedation dentistry. Oral sedation is a prescription medication that you take one hour prior to your dental appointment. By the time your appointment begins, you will feel completely relaxed.

Oral sedation is a stronger sedative than nitrous oxide and it stays in your body for the rest of the day. You will need an escort to and from your dental appointment. During your procedure, you will remain conscious and able to answer questions and participate in your appointment. However, you may have little or no memory of your appointment.

We will do a full medical history prior to prescribing oral sedation medication to avoid any health risks or drug interactions.

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We take extra steps to ensure that your appointment is stress-free. We offer headphones so that you can drown out the sounds of the dental office. We also use special numbing gels to numb your mouth before we give an injection, making certain you feel comfortable. Perhaps the best feature of our dental practice is our compassionate staff who strive to make each dental experience relaxing and easy for our patients.

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