Crowns and Bridges in Vallejo, CA

A close up of a dental crown in Vallejo CAMaintaining your smile and feeling comfortable are important. At our Vallejo dental office, we create beautiful restorations for our patients that look great, feel comfortable, and last a long time.

Do you have a cracked or damaged tooth? Are you missing teeth and need a replacement option that will allow you to speak and eat normally? Dental crowns and bridges may be the answer for you. Both Dr. Morgan Nordstrom and Dr. Emily Thai are experienced in the accurate creation and placement of dental crowns and bridges.

Custom Dental Crowns in Vallejo, CA

If we recommend a dental crown to you, it might be because you have a cracked or severely decayed tooth that is unstable and requires reinforcement. A dental crown fits right over the top of your natural tooth and absorbs some of the pressure you exert by chewing, talking, or grinding your teeth.

Our dental crowns are strong and made of high-quality materials. Crowns usually come in porcelain, a combination of porcelain and metal, or full metal (such as gold). Naturally, we want to use the crown that will meet your needs and look great at the same time.

When you have a crown procedure, we will make sure you feel completely comfortable. Our dentists are very gentle and will begin by ensuring that you are numb, so you don’t feel anything. Then we will prep your tooth to make room for your dental crown and create a temporary to hold you over until we receive your permanent one back from the dental lab.

Your permanent crown will be custom made and fit beautifully, restoring your bite. At your appointment, we will make any final adjustments and permanently bond your crown to your tooth.

Quality Dental Bridgesdental bridge diagram | Dentist Vallejo CA

Are you missing one or more teeth and want to know your options for tooth replacement? Dental bridges are one of the most reliable ways to replace your missing teeth. A traditional dental bridge consists of three (or more) specialty dental crowns. Abutment crowns fit over your natural teeth and hold your replacement tooth (pontic) in place, creating a dental bridge.

Dental bridges can look natural and are a good way to prevent your teeth from moving and shifting that can happen with missing teeth. They do require some special care because food can become impacted in your crown and cause irritation and even an infection. We will demonstrate the proper way to clean your dental bridge so that you can protect your investment and your health.

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Do you have a cracked, damaged or missing tooth that requires attention? Contact our Vallejo, CA office to learn more about dental crown and dental bridges. Drs. Morgan Nordstrom and Emily Thai can evaluate your condition and provide all options so you can make the choice that works best for you. We approach treatment based on the individual needs of our patients so that you have a healthy smile.