Digital X-Rays and Intraoral Camera in Vallejo, CA

dental x-rays | Vallejo CA DentistNext to prevention, early diagnosis is one of the best ways to keep our patients healthy. At the Vallejo dental office of Morgan Nordstrom DDS and Emily Thai DMD, we utilize the latest in technology to diagnose early and accurately.

Digital X-Ray Technology in 94590

Taking x-rays is one of the ways that we diagnose common problems such as bone loss, decay, infection, and damaged teeth. We take routine x-rays each year at one of your regular cleaning and exam appointments. Digital x-rays allow us to see inside your tooth structure for any issues that we cannot detect on the outside from a visual exam alone.

Digital x-rays have numerous benefits over the old methods. For instance, digital x-rays appear instantly on our computer screens, so we can make sure we got readable images of all of your teeth before you leave the dental office. That way, if we need to take an image over again, we can, ensuring that we won’t miss anything.

One of the biggest benefits is much lower radiation exposure than with the old film methods. The radiation emitted from digital x-rays is among the lowest in the medical field. They produce 80% less radiation than film methods.

Because of digital technology, it is easier for us to share your x-rays with specialists, should it become necessary. We can collaborate on your treatment and ensure that everyone is on the same page. It’s just another way to make your dental visits more convenient.

Finally, digital images have a much higher resolution, and Dr. Nordstrom can apply tools to manipulate the image, adjusting the contrast or brightness to look more closely at a suspicious area. Digital technology allows for closer inspection, previously unavailable in traditional x-rays.

patient getting xray | Dentist vallejo caDigital Intraoral Camera

Have you ever wondered how your dentist knows something just by looking at your tooth? Well, now we can share that information with you through our intraoral camera. An intraoral camera is a small camera we connect to our computer that we can use to photograph areas inside your mouth so that we can share them with you or a specialist, or keep for our records for comparison in the future.

If we see a crack in your tooth, a suspicious lesion, or a potential infection, we can take a picture with our intraoral camera, bring it up on our computer screen and share the information with you, pointing out what we notice about your tooth or the soft tissues in your mouth.

Our patients love being able to see what we see so they can more fully understand their conditions and treatment.

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