Dental Fillings in Vallejo, CA

Man smiling at dentist office in Valleoj, CADental decay is one of the most common conditions we face today. Nearly everyone will face a filling at some point as a child or an adult. Decay occurs when the bacteria from the food and drinks we consume collect on your teeth. Bacteria create an acidic environment that eats away at your enamel. Once the bacteria break through to the softer dentin part of your tooth anatomy, they can cause deep decay and discomfort.

Many adults today are walking around with a mouth full of dark fillings. For many years, that was the only option, and as a result, you may have some of those darkening your smile. They might make your teeth look gray, and if you have had them for many years, they might be breaking down due to wear and tear.

Fortunately, today we utilize advanced materials that not only provide comfort and function but also look great. At our dental office, we offer composite fillings. Composite is a tooth-colored material that we custom match to your natural teeth in order to achieve a seamless smile.

How Composite Fillings Work

If we find dental decay, we will let you know right away so that we can treat it quickly before it gets larger. When you come in for your filling appointment, our team will welcome you and assist in making you comfortable.

Your dentist will numb your tooth, gently remove the bacteria and decay, and then prepare your tooth for your composite filling. We will etch the surface so that the composite adheres. Then, using special instruments, your dentist will apply the composite in layers and cure each layer with a special light that makes it harden quickly and completely.

Once all the layers harden, we will polish the surface to a shine. It will look almost exactly like your natural tooth. In fact, most people would never know the difference. Shaping and polishing are the final steps in your procedure.

Cosmetic Dental BondingWoman smiling with her composite filling

Dental composite is a versatile material. If you have a small chip or aesthetic flaw in your smile, we could choose to treat it with dental bonding (often called tooth bonding). We can make repairs, close gaps between your teeth, or fix an oddly shaped tooth. One of the benefits of using dental composite for small cosmetic treatments is that we preserve your natural tooth structure because it requires very little tooth prep.

Call Our Vallejo Office for an Evaluation

Are you thinking of replacing some old, dark fillings? Do you perhaps suspect you have a cavity? Call our Vallejo dental office for a professional evaluation. We can diagnose your conditions and explain all of your options. Dr. Nordstrom, Dr. Thai, and their team look forward to helping you achieve optimum dental health.