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3 Transformations Possible with Cosmetic Dentistry

Woman's Smile | Vallejo Cosmetic Dentist
Every smile is different. When we plan cosmetic dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental office, we customize treatment to help patients achieve their goals for their smiles. What one patient needs to feel confident can vary significantly from someone else’s idea of a beautiful smile. We are here to help you feel great about the appearance of your teeth and gums.Whiter TeethOne of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures our patients request is that they have a whiter smile. Teeth whitening is safe and affordable and will help most patients achieve a brilliant smile. We offer custom take-home whitening systems for dramatic improvement and a bright smile.Uniform AppearanceIf some teeth ...

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3 Consequences of Avoiding Treatment for Cavities

Close Up of Tooth Filling | Vallejo CA Dentist
With today’s many demands on family schedules and finances, it is easy to put off dental treatment that has been recommended by your dentist. When we suggest dental fillings in our Vallejo, CA dental office, we also recommend that you have your procedure as soon as possible, so that the condition does not get worse.3 Reasons to Have Your Dental Filling ASAPFillings often don’t require a long appointment and are relatively simple procedures. We always make sure you feel comfortable, so let’s get you taken care of right away!#1 Cavities Do Not HealDecay does not go away on its own. In other words, it does not heal even if you ...

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Feeling Anxious? Learn More about Your Sedation Options

Woman Scared of Dentist | Sedation Dentistry Vallejo CA
Dentistry can cause patients to feel stressed and anxious. According to some studies, more than 30 percent of Americans report at least some level of dental anxiety. To help patients relax and have the treatment they need to stay healthy, we offer sedation dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental office.Compassionate Patient CareSome patients just need a little reassurance from a team they trust. Our entire staff cares deeply for patients and does everything possible to make them comfortable.For patients who need a little help using medication, we offer a couple of sedation dentistry options.Nitrous OxideSafe for kids and strong enough to take the edge off, nitrous oxide is sometimes called ...

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Do You Need a Dental Crown or a Bridge?

Dental Crown | Vallejo CA Dentist
If you have suffered from recent oral health issues, you might be wondering about the next right step to take. Our team is here to help you make the best choices for treatment that can impact your appearance and oral health for many years to come.Do You Need a Dental Crown or a Bridge?This depends on what is happening with your teeth. Did you recently lose a tooth or has one of your teeth recently become damaged?A dental crown is a cover that completely encases your tooth structure. In our Vallejo, CA practice, we choose to offer dental crowns that are tooth-colored, whenever possible, so that your dental work ...

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3 Tips for a Clean Retainer

Clear Retainer | Invisalign Vallejo CA
All orthodontic treatment, including Invisalign, requires the use of a retainer to prevent teeth from shifting. Our dentists will discuss how long to wear your retainer and the type of retainer that will serve you best. Many options are available today including clear removable designs, removable wire and acrylic, and fixed retainers.Fixed Retainer CleaningSince fixed retainers attach directly to teeth, you will clean those as you brush and floss. You will need special floss threaders or a small interproximal brush to remove plaque and debris between teeth and around brackets.Cleaning Removable RetainersRemovable retainers are far more common and do require some special care to keep them clean and fresh. Bacteria, ...

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Find Out the Facts about Oral Health

Oral Health in Vallejo CA
As your family’s dentist in Vallejo, we make it our business to stay on top of all of the latest developments in dentistry to help the families in our community stay healthy. We often debunk myths about oral health that are either outdated or untrue and provide our patients with the most up-to-date information available today. As with all areas of science, dentistry is an ever-growing and dynamic field. Our clinical team attends constant trainings and certification to provide you with the best care available.Myth: You should rinse your mouth after brushing your teeth.Fact: Rinsing immediately after you brush removes much of the beneficial fluoride from the teeth. Waiting for ...

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Don't Let Bad Breath Get in Your Way

Oral Health Vallejo CA
Life is busy. If you have a family or a busy professional life, you probably find yourself grabbing food whenever and wherever you can to keep those fires burning in order to get through the day.An unexpected side effect of being busy may mean that your oral health suffers in one way or another. You may skip brushing and flossing, or even find yourself popping a mint into your mouth to mask the mouth odors that can develop when you neglect your teeth and gums.Bad breath can take a toll on your social and professional life. It doesn’t have to, however.Here are some simple tips to keep your mouth smelling ...

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