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Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implant Diagram | Dental Implants Vallejo CA

Many of our patients looking to replace their missing teeth with dental implants in our Vallejo, CA dental office admire the convenience and natural-looking outcome they provide. 

The reason why dentists often prefer to replace missing teeth with dental implants is that they have health benefits that support excellent oral health as well as a beautiful smile.

Here are a couple of things to add to your list of pros when it comes to completing your smile dental implants.

Avoid Bone Loss with Dental Implants

Teeth and bone have a dependent relationship. The jawbone supports the teeth and provides their foundation. Teeth cause pressure on the bone when chewing, which directs nutrients to ...

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3 Reasons Why Dentures Might Be the Right Choice for You

Dentures in Vallejo CA

Replacing missing teeth improves your diet and your appearance. Choosing a tooth-replacement option that will work best for you depends on your goals for your smile and other factors such as time, budget, and current medical conditions.

While dental implants are gaining in popularity, dentures remain a common choice in our Vallejo, CA dental office.

Here are three reasons our patients opt for dentures.

You Want to Avoid Implant Surgery

Surgery isn’t for everyone and may seem unappealing to you. While dental implant surgery has a high success rate, it does take some time for implants to integrate with the bone. Patients sometimes want to avoid the wait and choose partial dentures or ...

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3 Cosmetic Dentistry Options to Enhance Your Appearance

Man Smiling | Dentist Vallejo CA

Having a beautiful smile is more important than ever. With the digital age and the popularity of social media, photos are now on display for the world to see – virtually forever. If you are tired of feeling ashamed of your smile or cover your mouth when you smile, finding a cosmetic or Invisalign dentist in Vallejo, CA can give you a solution.

Professional Teeth Whitening

If you have been using whitening toothpaste or mouthwash and you have yet to see impressive results, you might be seeking the wrong solution. Professional teeth whitening gives patients the best results in the shortest amount of time and is safer than over-the-counter options from ...

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3 Transformations Possible with Cosmetic Dentistry

Woman's Smile | Vallejo Cosmetic Dentist

Every smile is different. When we plan cosmetic dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental office, we customize treatment to help patients achieve their goals for their smiles. What one patient needs to feel confident can vary significantly from someone else’s idea of a beautiful smile. We are here to help you feel great about the appearance of your teeth and gums.

Whiter Teeth

One of the most common cosmetic dentistry procedures our patients request is that they have a whiter smile. Teeth whitening is safe and affordable and will help most patients achieve a brilliant smile. We offer custom take-home whitening systems for dramatic improvement and a bright smile.

Uniform Appearance

If some teeth ...

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3 Consequences of Avoiding Treatment for Cavities

Close Up of Tooth Filling | Vallejo CA Dentist

With today’s many demands on family schedules and finances, it is easy to put off dental treatment that has been recommended by your dentist. When we suggest dental fillings in our Vallejo, CA dental office, we also recommend that you have your procedure as soon as possible, so that the condition does not get worse.

3 Reasons to Have Your Dental Filling ASAP

Fillings often don’t require a long appointment and are relatively simple procedures. We always make sure you feel comfortable, so let’s get you taken care of right away!

#1 Cavities Do Not Heal

Decay does not go away on its own. In other words, it does not heal even if you ...

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Feeling Anxious? Learn More about Your Sedation Options

Woman Scared of Dentist | Sedation Dentistry Vallejo CA

Dentistry can cause patients to feel stressed and anxious. According to some studies, more than 30 percent of Americans report at least some level of dental anxiety. To help patients relax and have the treatment they need to stay healthy, we offer sedation dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental office.

Compassionate Patient Care

Some patients just need a little reassurance from a team they trust. Our entire staff cares deeply for patients and does everything possible to make them comfortable.

For patients who need a little help using medication, we offer a couple of sedation dentistry options.

Nitrous Oxide

Safe for kids and strong enough to take the edge off, nitrous oxide is sometimes called ...

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Do You Need a Dental Crown or a Bridge?

Dental Crown | Vallejo CA Dentist

If you have suffered from recent oral health issues, you might be wondering about the next right step to take. Our team is here to help you make the best choices for treatment that can impact your appearance and oral health for many years to come.

Do You Need a Dental Crown or a Bridge?

This depends on what is happening with your teeth. Did you recently lose a tooth or has one of your teeth recently become damaged?

A dental crown is a cover that completely encases your tooth structure. In our Vallejo, CA practice, we choose to offer dental crowns that are tooth-colored, whenever possible, so that your dental work ...

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