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3 Consequences of Avoiding Treatment for Cavities

February 27, 2018
Posted By: Morgan Nordstrom, DDS
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With today’s many demands on family schedules and finances, it is easy to put off dental treatment that has been recommended by your dentist. When we suggest dental fillings in our Vallejo, CA dental office, we also recommend that you have your procedure as soon as possible, so that the condition does not get worse.

3 Reasons to Have Your Dental Filling ASAP

Fillings often don’t require a long appointment and are relatively simple procedures. We always make sure you feel comfortable, so let’s get you taken care of right away!

#1 Cavities Do Not Heal

Decay does not go away on its own. In other words, it does not heal even if you improve your diet and hygiene habits. Decay requires professional treatment by your dentist. Certainly, improving your home care habits and diet can prevent additional decay, but we will still need to treat your cavity to eliminate it.

#2 Decay Spreads – Sometimes Quickly

Your cavity can grow larger or spread to adjacent teeth. Bacteria reproduce quickly, and some people find that what was once a small cavity can become a big problem when left untreated.

#3 You May Need a Root Canal

As decay spreads, it can impact the nerve in your tooth, causing an infection inside the tooth or near the root tip. These types of infections may become painful and cause inflammation. They can also put your tooth at risk. We save infected teeth using root canal procedures, but treating your cavity quickly can help you avoid this additional procedure and the expenses related to it.

We perform hundreds of fillings each year because it is the most common dental restoration that kids and adults require. We will also discuss ways to help you prevent decay in the future with good home hygiene, healthy foods, and fluoride treatments can all help you avoid cavities.

For more information about dental fillings in Vallejo, CA or to schedule a dental appointment, give us a call!

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