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Feeling Anxious? Learn More about Your Sedation Options

January 29, 2018
Posted By: William C. Vizzolini, DDS
Woman Scared of Dentist | Sedation Dentistry Vallejo CA

Dentistry can cause patients to feel stressed and anxious. According to some studies, more than 30 percent of Americans report at least some level of dental anxiety. To help patients relax and have the treatment they need to stay healthy, we offer sedation dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental office.

Compassionate Patient Care

Some patients just need a little reassurance from a team they trust. Our entire staff cares deeply for patients and does everything possible to make them comfortable.

For patients who need a little help using medication, we offer a couple of sedation dentistry options.

Nitrous Oxide

Safe for kids and strong enough to take the edge off, nitrous oxide is sometimes called happy gas or laughing gas. Don’t worry, it won’t really make you act silly, but it will reduce mild anxiety.

Nitrous oxide combined with oxygen enters the system through a small nose mask. We can control the level of sedation easily to help you stay comfortable. As soon as we discontinue the gas, it will begin to leave your system, and you can drive yourself home or head back to work.

Oral Sedation Dentistry in 94590

For moderate to severe dental anxiety, oral sedation will do the trick. Prescription medication will help you relax. While you remain conscious, you might drift in and out of awareness or doze off on occasion. Most patients only remember their procedure as if it were a dream.

Oral sedation requires a medical history review and is long-lasting, so you will need someone to drive you home from your appointment. It is best to just relax for the rest of the day, snoozing or watching movies while its effects wear off.

Don’t let dental anxiety cause poor oral health. Sedation dentistry in our Vallejo, CA dental practice makes treatment possible while leaving the stress behind.

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