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The Importance of Regular Oral Cancer Screenings

November 29, 2020
Posted By: Drs. Morgan Nordstrom and William C. Vizzolini Staff

More than 50,000 adults in the United States are diagnosed with oral cancer each year. And men are twice as likely to be diagnosed compared with women.

When caught in the earliest stages, oral cancer treatment is more likely to be successful, and one of the best ways to catch this cancer in the emerging stage is through regular checkups with your Vallejo, CA dentist.

Oral Cancer Screenings Are Part of Your Dental Checkup

The American Dental Association recommends two dental checkups and teeth cleanings each year. This schedule significantly lowers your risks for preventable conditions like cavities and gum disease.

In our Vallejo, CA dental office, your dentist is also providing an oral cancer screening during these routine checkups.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Drinking alcohol and smoking are two of the most significant risk factors. Sun exposure and genetics also play roles. However, human papillomavirus (HPV) must be considered, along with diets that lack fruits and vegetables.

We recommend a healthy diet, eliminating tobacco use, and lowering alcohol consumption to reduce your risks—along with regular brushing and flossing.

Because there are so many risk factors associated with oral cancer, scheduling and keeping your dental checkups is crucial to early diagnosis and successful treatment.

Oral Cancer Screenings in Vallejo, CA

Dr. Morgan Nordstrom and William Vizzolini can compare past x-rays to recent films, allowing them to note oral changes since your last checkup. They also know the telltale signs of oral cancer and can order a biopsy if they encounter suspicious lesions or tissues during your exam.

They will always discuss findings with you and answer any questions that you may have.

Schedule Your Dental Checkup Today

If you have not scheduled your next dental checkup and teeth cleaning, we recommend calling our office today to get started. And if you notice oral health changes between dental visits, we always recommend contacting our dental office.

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