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3 Signs You May Need a Dental Filling

June 28, 2021
Posted By: Morgan Nordstrom, DDS

Are you wondering if you need a dental filling to protect your tooth from a developing cavity? At the dental office of Morgan Nordstrom, DDS, William C. Vizzolini, DDS, we can help. 

The best way to find out whether a filling is necessary is to see one of our talented dentists for a comprehensive exam. Our dental team can examine your tooth, taking x-rays and using other diagnostic tools, to determine whether or not you have a cavity and its level of severity. With this method, you’ll know for sure that a cavity is present and can get prompt treatment.

However, there are some signs you can watch for at home that point toward a cavity that needs a filling as well. We’ve listed three of the common signs to watch for at home for your convenience. If you have any of the symptoms below, we recommend a visit to your dentist as soon as possible.

Three Signs You May Need a Dental Filling

A Toothache

One of the most common signs of a cavity is pain. A toothache due to tooth decay may cause you intense pain, or you may experience only a mild twinge. A toothache can also be caused by an infection or other serious dental issues that need immediate attention. If you have pain in your tooth, see a dentist for a proper diagnosis.

Pain When Eating Sweets

If you have pain in your teeth only when eating sugary foods, you may have a cavity that needs a dental filling. If you have sensitivity to certain temperatures of foods, like ice cream, that may be another sign of a cavity that requires intervention.

You See Dark Spots or Holes

If you notice dark spots developing on a tooth or see a hole in the tooth, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist. Even if you are not yet experiencing pain or discomfort, an examination is in order, and the dentist may need to fill the tooth. 

Composite Fillings in Vallejo

If you have a cavity in the Vallejo area, our team of dental professionals can help you restore your tooth to health with a composite filling. Our beautiful tooth-colored composite fillings are durable and natural-looking, blending right in with your smile. 

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