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Let us make your dental care easy! Our team is professional, highly skilled, and gentle. We offer a full range of dental services and have a conservative approach to treatment. It is our pleasure to provide you with outstanding dentistry that looks great, feels comfortable, and supports your overall health.

How often do I need a check up?

woman in dental chair smiling | Dentist Vallejo CAEven if you don’t have dental insurance, you should come to the dentist at least every 6 months for a professional cleaning and routine exam. This ensures that we detect any dental disease you have (gum disease or cavities) in its early stages. Depending on your personal oral health, we may recommend you come more frequently. For example, some patients benefit from more frequent hygiene appointments, especially if they suffer from periodontal disease or have a tendency toward decay.

Small dental problems that are relatively easy to treat inexpensively and painlessly when they are caught early but often require additional procedures if not addressed right away. That can mean more expense and more time in the dental chair.

What We Can Discover During a Regular Check Up

Did you know that cavities never go away on their own and tend to progress becoming larger over time? Other conditions, such as cracked teeth, could result in tooth loss if not treated in the early stages. Taking a “wait and see” approach can cause bigger problems.

We also look for lumps, lesions, and cysts that can indicate serious conditions like oral cancer. Often your dentist is the first to notice these pre-cancerous lesions and can recommend a biopsy and life-saving treatment.

The best dental insurance is a regular check up!

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