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Do I need a retainer after invisalign treatment?

Many of our Invisalign patients have actually had their teeth straightened in the past using traditional metal braces. The issue is that they didn't consistently wear their retainers after their orthodontic treatment and their teeth shifted.

It is important for patients to wear their retainer as directed by the staff at Morgan Nordstrom and William C. Vizzolini, D.D.S. for the rest of their life or risk their teeth shifting back to their original positions.

Wearing Retainers After Invisalign

Even though Invisalign shifts your teeth differently than traditional metal braces, retainers are still required.

If you lose your retainer, don't put it off. Give our Vallejo, CA dental office a call so we can fit you for a new one. We don't want you to lose the progress you made with your Invisalign treatment. 

During your dental appointment with us, we'll make impressions of your teeth for the new retainer. 

Call Us to Replace Your Retainer

While you may not see an immediate change in your smile at first, they will be more obvious as time passes. If you take your retainer out for a few days, you'll notice that it might feel uncomfortable when you wear it again. 

Your retainers are fabricated to fit your current smile. If it starts changing because you aren't wearing your retainer, we may need to make a new one. 

Patients may not realize that their teeth go under immense pressure and wear and tear daily after eating, biting, chewing, and speaking. Your retainer is there to keep your smile beautiful and straight. 

If you need a new retainer, give us a call immediately at (707) 643-2660.

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