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Let us make your dental care easy! Our team is professional, highly skilled, and gentle. We offer a full range of dental services and have a conservative approach to treatment. It is our pleasure to provide you with outstanding dentistry that looks great, feels comfortable, and supports your overall health.

Do tooth fillings hurt?

Tooth fillings are perhaps one of the most straightforward procedures a dentist performs. Dr. Morgan Nordstrom is a compassionate and experienced Vallejo family dentist who can ensure your dental filling is quick and painless.

You can trust we will cater to your specific needs and make your visit as comfortable as possible. 

Painless Tooth Fillings in Vallejo 

Dr. Nordstrom numbs the tooth, gently removes the bacteria and decay and prepares the tooth for the white composite filling. Your dentist then applies the composite in layers, curing each layer with a special light. We finish the process by shaping and polishing your tooth, so it looks naturally beautiful and radiant. 

Composite Fillings Match Your Natural Smile

Dr. Nordstrom and our team can remove tooth decay from your teeth and use tooth-colored composite to match your smile’s natural shade. Unlike silver amalgam tooth fillings, composite doesn’t leave dark or gray marks on the teeth or gums.

With our personalized tooth-colored fillings, no one will ever know you’ve had a tooth restored––it looks that realistic! 

Do you need a tooth-colored filling? Dr. Nordstrom can help you attain a healthier, more attractive smile with white composite fillings. 

Contact our Vallejo dental office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Nordstrom! 

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