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Let us make your dental care easy! Our team is professional, highly skilled, and gentle. We offer a full range of dental services and have a conservative approach to treatment. It is our pleasure to provide you with outstanding dentistry that looks great, feels comfortable, and supports your overall health.

Do I really need x-rays?

dental xrays | Dentist Vallejo CADr. Nordstrom and Dr. Vizzolini use both x-rays and a clinical exam that consists of close inspection of your teeth, soft tissue, and bite to determine your oral health and treatment needs. X-rays help us to see what is not otherwise visible. They can detect conditions such as dental caries (decay), infection, abscesses, cracked roots, and bone loss. Often, we identify dental disease on x-rays before we can see it in your mouth. This is important because it allows our dentists to treat disease at stages when the treatment is less expensive, less time-consuming, and more predictable.

Digital dental x-rays emit 80% less radiation than traditional dental x-rays. Dental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation to begin with, but with digital technology, they are even lower. We only take x-rays once yearly unless you have treatment or an emergency that requires additional images.

Important Diagnostic Tool in Dentistry

The small cost of digital x-rays pays for itself with the ability to diagnose dental conditions early and minimize the treatment necessary to restore your dental health. Our goal is always to prevent dental disease or to treat it while it is still a minor problem. If you have questions about what dental x-rays can do for you, call our dental office and our team will be happy to address your specific concerns.

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